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Data Governance Network Security Countermeasures Based on Big Data Background

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2022.010


Li Bin

Corresponding Author

Li Bin


In the era of big data, the potential of data has been further tapped, which not only provides great convenience for people’s production and life, but also promotes the continuous development of big data analysis. With the development of the open concept of data sharing, the leakage and loss of data in practical applications are becoming more and more frequent, which seriously threatens the personal privacy and security of citizens, the business development of enterprises and the stability of society. Therefore, at present, the network security strategy of data security governance in the era of big data has attracted much attention. This paper briefly introduces the formation and connotation of big data background, and puts forward effective network security countermeasures combined with the current situation and existing problems of data governance. Through the joint efforts of the state, enterprises, citizens and network data management departments, create a good network environment for the development of the big data era and promote the further development of China’s social economy.


Big data, data governance, network security