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Renovation and Protection of Centenary Old Chinese Cities

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2022.097


Liuqing Yang, Puiying Ma, Ruihong Chen

Corresponding Author

Liuqing Yang


The current space occupied by Chinese cities depends on the ancient buildings constructed in the past one hundred years. The historical blocks located in China have a great significance in modern society because the blocks predict the shapes and sizes of new constructions injected in the contemporary cities of China. The renovations and protections of some of the oldest streets in China focus on the historical blocks constructed earlier. The needs of matching the traditional designs and space allocation for buildings to the past neighborhood exposed its readers in mastering the history, geography, demography, the micro renewal tools, its significance, restoration, and transformative techniques encountered in changing the modern buildings neighboring Chinese centenary cities. Moreover, the proposal engages how the Chinese government dealt with the construction problems of the selected block. The comparisons explored by the essay displayed the characteristics of the transformation methods and the final results achieved during the renovation and protection of historic Chinese neighborhoods.


Chinese historic blocks, transformation methods, renovation, and China