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Data-Driven Precision Marketing Strategy on Agriculture: The Application of Machine Learning in Evolutionary Consumer Psychology Towards New Media Communication

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2022.096


Mengqi Deng, Zhihang He, Liucui Meng, Hui Liang

Corresponding Author

Mengqi Deng


The article considers the application of Machine learning into digital marketing strategy and the prospects for its use in modern agribusiness. The availability of new media communication tools for most enterprises provides an opportunity to precisely figure out consumer profile and markets capacity. The article analyzes the evolution of consumer insights in the digital economy Era and consumer psychology towards agriculture and applies the AIDEES model to explore the data-driven precision marketing strategies in the agricultural sector. The ongoing transformations in purchasing preferences were excavated by semi-structured interviews. It revealed that for effective work in the field of internet communications, it is necessary to create precision user-generated content presenting personalization and high value, conduct a marketing matrix based on big data, and establish immersive sales scenarios from data analysis and classification.


Digital marketing communication, Consumer psychology, Machine learning, Agriculture