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Swimming training measures based on Psychological Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2022.094



Corresponding Author

Zhou Hongtao


Swimming is a favorite sport for most people. Swimming can not only improve people's physical quality to a greater extent, but also cultivate people's will and cultivate their sentiment. In the process of swimming training, we should not only strengthen the training of swimming skills, but also pay attention to more effective psychological education for students, Proper use of psychological education can greatly improve the teaching quality of swimming training. Strengthening the application of psychological education in swimming training can put forward more thoughts for swimming training. In swimming teaching, swimming coaches should follow two basic laws: the law of swimming technology and the law of students' physical and mental development. However, following these two laws is the basic condition. Coaches must be good at using the method of psychological training and give full play to the important role of psychological factors to overcome the difficulties encountered in swimming teaching, realize the scientization and humanization of swimming teaching and improve the efficiency of swimming teaching. Therefore, by focusing on the analysis and discussion of psychological training in swimming teaching, we hope to provide valuable reference for swimming teaching research and swimming teaching practice.


Psychological education, Swimming training, Measures