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The Research of Mixed Teaching Mode in the College Courses Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2022.092


Yongchao Zhao, Ying Xie, Haifei Qin

Corresponding Author

Ying Xie


The traditional offline teaching mode is a kind of teaching mode which uses multimedia and blackboard to teach students book knowledge in the classroom. Online teaching is to use various network teaching platforms, such as DingTalk APP, ChaoXing APP, Rain Classroom, etc., which can be carried out within the specified time, or can be studied without the limitation of time and space. With the help of network sharing platform,the traditional face-to-face teaching and network assisted teaching are combined, and online and offline teaching resources are fully utilized to form a hybrid teaching mode. The high-quality online resources and offline classroom teaching are organically combined to realize the reconstruction and innovation of teaching process and better reflect the "student-centered learning".


Mixed teaching, Traditional teaching, Mixed model, online and offline teaching