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According to the development and change of industry format, strengthen the research on practical teaching reform of the MICE major in High-Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2022.090


Zhang Lei

Corresponding Author

Zhang Lei


Under the background of increasing social demand, new innovations and changes have taken place in the format, business scale and development trend of the MICE industry. The advantages of double line integration, digital MICE management and brand management mode of the MICE industry are becoming increasingly prominent. In such a new situation, The MICE major in High-Vocational Collegesshould adjust the talent training orientation with the new changes of the MICE industry, and cultivate professional skilled talents for the capital cultural and creative industry, Beijing Tianjin Hebei MICE industry, "MICE + tourism" industry development trend and the new business form of double line operation of the MICE industry. Innovate the practical teaching mode of integrating industry and education, vigorously promote the reform of teaching methods and means, and build a "three in one" practical teaching base. Concentrate advantageous resources, implement an effective practical teaching mode integrating industry and education, and promote the implementation of modern apprenticeship practical teaching mode. Promote students to master the knowledge and practical skills that meet the requirements of modern MICE industry and post, strengthen the training of professional quality and employability, and cultivate more excellent MICE professionals for the MICE industry in the capital and Tianjin Hebei region.


MICE industry, double line operation, MICE planning and management, vocational education, practical teaching