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Research on Architectural Design of Elderly Care Residence under Home-based Elderly Care Mode

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2022.085


Yang Yuanting

Corresponding Author

Yang Yuanting


China has entered the age of population aging, the number of elderly population increased sharply. It is of great significance to improve the living environment of the elderly and improve their happiness index to promote the construction of a harmonious society and strengthen the humanistic construction. At present, China’s pension model is mainly divided into social pension model, institutional pension model and home pension model. Affected by the traditional lifestyle, the elderly are more inclined to choose home care mode. In the home-based care model, family is the core element, community is the support, professional service is the support. It is a form of socialized service to solve the daily life difficulties of the elderly. Therefore, the architectural design of pension housing based on this model should meet the needs of the elderly and facilitate the life of the elderly, reflect the humanized design and improve the quality of life of the elderly. Deeply analyze the architectural design of nursing home under the mode of “home-based elderly care”, conduct detailed research and Thinking on the design work, and realize the optimal design of nursing home.


home care model, residential building, design and research