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A Comparative Study on the Construction Path of Core Values between Chinese and American College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2022.081


Li Ning

Corresponding Author

Li Ning


At present, the world is in a new historical stage of economic integration, political diversification, cultural integration and cultural impact. The way of life and value orientation between countries, between nations, and even between regions are changing unprecedentedly in the process of common prosperity and mutual conflict. The young college students in this period are not fully prepared for the sudden direct impact of culture and spirit. However, the existence of such impact and influence reality has brought a destructive impact on the spirit and thinking of young people. This paper summarizes the educational experience of college students’ core values in China and American, makes a comparative study in combination with China’s current educational and cultural background, and puts forward feasible suggestions for strengthening and improving the education of college students’ core values in China.


Core values, construction path, comparison and research