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An Analysis of the Effective Strategies of Integrating the Concept of Emergency Service into English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2022.073


Zhu Jie

Corresponding Author

Zhu Jie


During the New Coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the importance of emergency language building and services has been hitherto unknown. The existing literature mostly focuses on the establishment of emergency language service mechanism and other suggestions, but few studies put forward substantive suggestions and measures on how to form a long-term mechanism of emergency language service and how to cultivate reserve talents of emergency language service. This paper puts forward the viewpoint of building emergency language teaching, and holds that the application scope of emergency language service should include emergencies in maritime, aviation, military, diplomacy and other fields. The basis of emergency language service is the normal basic training and teaching in non emergency. Emergency language teaching is not general language teaching, but special-purpose language teaching without professional knowledge It is useless to rely on basic language skills alone. The author proposes that colleges and universities should set up "emergency language service specialty", generally set up the specialty and relevant courses in characteristic colleges and universities, and establish emergency language corpus according to disciplines and industries. In order to work in this direction, the first step is to change the concept of English major construction.


analysis, effective strategies of integrating ,emergency service, English Teaching