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On the application of big data analysis technology in the field of medicine

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2022.069


Zhang Yang, Li Qiuming

Corresponding Author

Zhang Yang


With the development of science and technology, big data analysis and processing technology is widely used in various fields and enterprises. The advent of the big data era marks that all work in China has entered an efficient and convenient era. Data classification, processing, transmission, storage and other work will be applied in all walks of life, and the pharmaceutical field is no exception. In the medical field, a large number of data and information materials are produced every day, such as gene sequences, medical images, medical records, clinical drug trial research data, etc. using big data analysis technology to collect and process medical information is an important way to effectively improve the rapid development of medical undertakings. This paper introduces the commonly used big data analysis technology, analyzes the value of using big data analysis in the field of medicine, and puts forward effective measures to promote the development of medicine by using big data analysis technology.


Big data analysis technology, Medical field, application