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An exploratory study on the evaluation mechanism and reform of modern higher vocational and technical education

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2022.068


Zhang Qing

Corresponding Author

Zhang Qing


Vocational education should lay a solid foundation for students' survival and development, and ability plays a key role here. Therefore, quality education in Vocational and technical education is the ability education to pursue survival and development. It is not only an important ideological basis of modern vocational and technical education system, but also the most important task of vocational education. How to improve the comprehensive professional ability of higher vocational students? It is a problem that every higher vocational school should think about. After years of exploration and practice, only by reforming the teaching evaluation method and forming a set of scientific, reasonable, practical and diversified evaluation mechanism conducive to students' development, can we promote school teaching reform and improve students' comprehensive professional ability.


higher vocational students, Professional ability, Teaching evaluation reform