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Application of Simulation Test in Putonghua Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2022.066


Zhang Lixia

Corresponding Author

Zhang Lixia


In the process of learning Putonghua, college students often pay little attention to the teaching process and lack the motivation of extracurricular practice. Therefore, there are often some problems in Putonghua proficiency test, such as inaccurate pronunciation, incomplete pronunciation, improper pause and connection, poor logic and so on, especially when reading essays and oral problems. In teaching, teachers can take the way of one-to-one guidance and group guidance between teachers and students to demonstrate and guide individual students in class. When there are many teaching objects, they can train and guide students according to the question type and difficulty of the National Putonghua proficiency test. It can also improve students’ Putonghua level and teaching effect more effectively and practically.


simulation test, putonghua teaching, teaching application