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Factors of consumers' clothing purchase behavior and brand marketing strategy

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2022.064


Zhang Hong

Corresponding Author

Zhang Hong


The clothing industry is a traditional industry. In the process of development for many years, its marketing mode has gradually matured. In the new era, clothing brand marketing focuses more on carrying out marketing activities from the perspective of consumers. Enterprises carrying out brand marketing from the perspective of consumer behavior have developed to a certain extent, However, the brand marketing activities in the garment industry based on consumer behavior are still in the exploratory stage. Therefore, the exploration in this aspect has an important impact on the development of garment enterprises and attracting consumers. The core of marketing is always guided by the needs of consumers, because there are unique laws in the purchase behavior of different consumers. In order to fully and accurately reveal the factors of consumer behavior, we need to deeply study consumer purchase behavior from all angles. On this basis, this paper focuses on the analysis of consumer behavior factors, combined with the actual situation, puts forward the strategy of brand marketing for garment enterprises, and provides reference suggestions for the brand marketing of garment enterprises.


Consumer, Purchase behavior, Influencing factors, Brand marketing strategy