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Research on the effective path of co construction and sharing of high-quality information-based teaching resources in higher vocational education

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2022.061


Mingfei Yu, Wenjing Cheng, Fantao Meng

Corresponding Author

Mingfei Yu


At present, there are some problems in the construction of information resources in higher education, such as imperfect infrastructure, low overall level of resources, unreasonable application of information resources and low information literacy of teachers. In the current environment of the rapid development of big data and cloud computing, it is necessary to establish an educational resource service system integrating the co construction and sharing of information resources, balance the co construction of resources and improve the sharing mechanism. By analyzing the characteristics of higher vocational education, combined with the reality of the uneven process of educational informatization construction in Colleges and universities at the present stage, this paper expounds the construction and sharing of educational informatization resources from two aspects, and puts forward the construction mode and sharing mode of educational informatization resources with the characteristics of Higher Vocational education, so as to provide reference for the construction of educational informatization in higher vocational colleges.


Higher vocational education, High quality, promotion of information technology, Teaching resources, Co construction and sharing, route