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Establishment of University Intellectual Property Management System Based on Innovation-driven Development Strategy

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2022.055


Wu Xiaoshu

Corresponding Author

Wu Xiaoshu


As the output highland of intellectual property rights, colleges and universities are an important innovation source and radiation source of innovation driven development strategy. Colleges and universities should actively adapt to the new national strategic layout and planning deployment, objectively analyze the new characteristics of intellectual property rights in Colleges and Universities under the background of innovation driven strategy, carefully summarize the current situation and existing problems of intellectual property management, protection and transformation in Colleges and universities, learn from the advanced management experience and practices of western countries, establish and improve the intellectual property management system in Colleges and universities, and constantly optimize intellectual property services, Lead the intellectual property culture and make the intellectual property of colleges and universities play an important supporting and ensuring role in the national innovation driven development strategy.


innovation-driven development, colleges and universities, intellectual property management system