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On the detailed description and its function in Zuo Zhuan

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2022.054


Wu Haimin

Corresponding Author

Wu Haimin


Zuo Zhuan is the first detailed and complete chronicle in China, which has high literary value. Its narrative is detailed, vivid and vivid, and adopts a variety of narrative methods. Among them, the extensive use of detail description is of great literary significance in the spread of war, the characterization of characters and the interest of narration; It is worth noting that some details also hide the author's emotional tendency. Detailed description refers to grasping the subtle and specific typical plots in life and describing them vividly and carefully. It penetrates into the description of characters, scenery or scenes. Through the distinctive details in Zuo Zhuan, readers can not only see the causes, process and results of the war, but also grasp the essential characteristics of the characters more quickly. Therefore, the interpretation of several typical details in the article can present the literary role of details.


Zuo Zhuan, Detail description, effect