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Strategies for Improving Students’ Practical English Communicative Competence in Higher Vocational English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2022.053


Yu Hua

Corresponding Author

Yu Hua


As a communication tool, English plays an important role in people's actual communication. The purpose of English Teaching in higher vocational colleges is to highlight the practicability of English and cultivate students' English communicative ability. Especially today, when we pay attention to the cultivation of compound and applied talents, how to follow the principles of oral English teaching, flexibly use modern teaching methods, effectively improve the oral English level of higher vocational students and make them have a certain oral communication ability is a major issue faced by English teachers in higher vocational colleges. Starting from the essence of language use, this paper analyzes the importance of Cultivating English communicative competence, and focuses on the basic ways and methods of Cultivating English communicative competence for English Majors in higher vocational colleges.


higher vocational education, practical English, communicative competence