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Space design strategy of resort hotel based on ecotourism

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2022.044


Sun Chuanbao

Corresponding Author

Sun Chuanbao


With the development of society, the development of national tourism industry has an important impact on social economy and residents' employment, and also plays a significant role in the exploration of urban and rural ecological environment. Tourism has become an important part of China's economic development, and resort hotels have also become the main part of tourism development. The development scale of resort hotels has become an important source of income for tourism, and also belongs to the cultural symbols and landmarks of tourism areas. Ecotourism is a tourism activity that enables the sustainable utilization of tourism resources under the background of protecting the local ecological environment and cultural environment, and promotes the organic combination of local economic and social development with the cooperation of ecological environment protection and public education. The concept of ecotourism puts forward new requirements for the design of resort hotels, and the change of tourism mode will also have an impact on the design concept of resort hotels. The ecological design of green and environmental protection has become the general principle of resort hotel design. As an important supporting point for the development of tourist areas, the ecological design of resort hotels plays a key role in the expression of regional culture in tourist areas. The importance of tourist hotels is also the importance of the current rapid development of tourism, which is of great significance.


Ecotourism, Resort Hotel, Space design, Strategy