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Professional development strategy of special education teachers under the concept of "combination of education and health"

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2022.038


Liu Xiaolin

Corresponding Author

Liu Xiaolin


The combination of education and health is the inevitable trend of the development of special education and an important support for the concept of teacher training in special education. Teachers' professional growth training based on the concept of "combination of health and education" refers to the career planning required by special education teachers, paying attention to teachers' attitude, understanding and understanding of professional growth. Through the realization of the integration of health and education, teachers can consciously adjust and improve their own educational concept and behavior consciousness, and obtain their own professional rapid growth, It is an examination and Reflection on the practical activities and educational ideas of special education. In the professional training of special education teachers in China, there is a certain degree of attention to theory and insufficient attention to practical ability. In the training, the problem of single mode is prominent, which requires strengthening the guidance of "combination of teaching and health", fully strengthening the development and construction of professional courses of higher special education, and enriching the reform path of student training mode, It provides a model for the development and reform of Higher Special Education Specialty in China.


The concept of combining education with health, Special education, teacher, Professional development, strategy