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Study on the Construction of Urban Ecological Landscape Space from the Perspective of Sustainable Development

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2022.036


Liang Yuanhui

Corresponding Author

Liang Yuanhui


With the progress of society and the acceleration of urban development, the appearance of the city is changing with each passing day. The construction concept and mode of new urban landscape are constantly updated by the times. Urban ecological landscape is the link between urban natural resources and ecosystem construction, which directly affects the ecological development of the city. In the context of adhering to the sustainable development strategy of urban development and construction, we should make use of natural ecological resources to interweave and blend the city and nature. Based on this, this paper expounds the construction of urban landscape ecological space from the perspective of urban ecology and sustainable development, and attempts to analyze and study the urban landscape ecological space under this concept.


sustainable development, urban ecological landscape, space construction