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Analysis of College English ESP Teaching Mode Based on CBI Concept

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2022.034


Yuhua Li, Jufang Zhi

Corresponding Author

Yuhua Li


The content-based teaching model (CBI) belongs to the immersion teaching method. This teaching concept has gradually attracted attention in China, but few scholars and researchers have discussed the setting of College English curriculum system based on CBI from the perspective of College English curriculum. Based on the method of empirical research, this paper deeply analyzes the feasibility of the implementation of diversified curriculum system of College English basic courses, general education courses and ESP courses, and tries to solve the current situation of single language teaching of College English and stimulate students' enthusiasm for learning English, so as to further improve students' language ability, expand students' knowledge and improve students' comprehensive quality. On the basis of practical application, college students' comprehensive language ability can be improved. At the same time, students' own subject professional knowledge and cultural literacy have been further cultivated. The feasibility of integrating CBI into basic English teaching is prominent. Students not only improve their English language level, but also learn a lot of subject knowledge from CBI. The Online Autonomous Learning of general courses also helps students enhance their autonomous learning ability, gain more cultural knowledge and improve their own cross-cultural communication ability.


CBI concept, College English, ESP teaching mode