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Research on the application strategy of micro course in computer teaching in colleges and universities

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2022.032


Li Ruijuan, Zhang Shunji

Corresponding Author

Zhang Shunji


In college computer classroom teaching, the traditional classroom teaching model no longer meets the learning needs of students in the new era. Many students pay great attention to personalized learning methods, and micro class video can be made into vivid video according to the key and difficult points of teaching content, which can fully stimulate students' vision and hearing, effectively enhance students' sensory function and improve the effect of the whole classroom teaching. Through diversified teaching modes and teaching concepts, we can also comprehensively improve the video teaching level of micro class and enhance the quality of classroom teaching. This paper uses the teaching mode of micro class video to bring students a new teaching experience and meet students' personalized growth needs.


Colleges and universities, Computer teaching, Micro class