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Research on the Construction of Talent Training System and Practical Teaching System in Modern Higher Vocational Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2022.019


He Jiang

Corresponding Author

He Jiang


With the urgent demand of social modernization for high-quality skilled talents and the rapid expansion of the scale of higher vocational education, building a scientific, rigorous, perfect and systematic education and teaching guarantee system and strengthening the monitoring of teaching quality have become the lifeline of improving the teaching quality of higher vocational education. Higher vocational education includes not only the inheritance of basic theory, but also the cultivation of practical ability, innovation ability and entrepreneurial ability. Knowledge, ability and quality should be developed in a coordinated manner. This requires us to build a teaching quality control system. Higher vocational education must be guided by the unique concept of talents, quality and teaching. This paper discusses the practical theory of practical teaching in higher vocational education. I hope it can provide reference for the construction and improvement of practical teaching system.


higher vocational education, personnel training, construction of teaching system