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Ethical Challenges and Countermeasures of News Photography in the Context of New Media

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2022.008


Deng Peng

Corresponding Author

Deng Peng


The current media environment is based on media convergence as the way forward. All industries can put forward the concept of “Internet plus”, and also symbolizes the close integration of traditional media and the Internet. In order to adapt to the information age, traditional media must put forward new strategies according to the new situation, which is also an important reason for the emergence of all media. The emergence of all media not only realizes the effective integration of traditional media and new media, but also brings great challenges and changes to radio and television news editors, which is also the change that news editors must make according to the changes of the times. This paper analyzes the challenges and turning points faced by news editors in the all media environment, and puts forward some countermeasures for news editors’ reference and exchange.


new media, journalism, ethical challenges, coping strategies