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Practice of business English Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on the Guidance of Double Teacher Studio

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2022.001


Chai Xiangyu

Corresponding Author

Chai Xiangyu


The training conditions of business English major in higher vocational colleges are relatively insufficient, there is basically no productive training base in the school, and the teachers' practical ability is relatively insufficient, which will also lead to the fact that although the basic language skills of business English majors are solid, the professional core abilities such as business communication ability and business operation ability can not meet the needs of the society. Under the "dual system" teaching mode, higher vocational colleges adhere to introducing enterprises into the school, and schools and enterprises jointly build a "double teacher studio", which integrates the school and enterprise, and establishes an on-campus productive training base with the close combination of enterprise environment and professional teaching, so that the practical teaching of Business English specialty no longer depends only on off campus enterprises, In the school, we can realize the organic combination of theoretical teaching and practical teaching, and finally cultivate students' professional practical ability and professional core ability, so as to improve students' comprehensive quality and employment competitiveness.


Double division studio, Guidance, vocational school, Business English, Teaching practice