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Research on the Training System of Applied Talents of College Sports Rehabilitation Professional Based on Maker Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.168


Mingming Gong, Wenyan Huang

Corresponding Author

Wenyan Huang


This paper systematically analyzes and explains the feasibility, implementation path, evaluation system, etc. of the maker education in the process of training the applied talents in college sports rehabilitation professional, by using literature research methods, logical analysis methods, and expert consultation methods. The implementation of maker education in college sports rehabilitation professional can promote the organic link between education chain and innovation chain; the implementation of maker education conforms to the concept of application-oriented college education and the goals of characteristic development; the implementation of maker education can more fully meet the needs of the community and promotes the development of students themselves. Its specific implementation path mainly includes: integrating the maker education into the teaching process of sports rehabilitation professional; infiltrating the maker mindset into all aspects of exercitation and training in and out of school in sports rehabilitation professional; implementing the whole-course tutoring system and focusing on the differential training of the talents; increasing the setting of maker course, and fully training applied talents. And from the theoretical basis, indicator design capabilities, program design capabilities, experimental operation capabilities, practical application capabilities, innovation capabilities, analysis and summary capabilities, design report capabilities, peer evaluation, third-party evaluation, etc. are trained to conduct a construction of its specific evaluation system.


Maker Education, Sports Rehabilitation, Applied, Training System.