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Analysis of Externally-Environmental Changes to Marketing for Traditional Enterprises in the Digital Time

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2021.061


Lingzhi Zhu

Corresponding Author

Lingzhi Zhu


Advent of digitalization, these days, converts the single value chain into value webs centralizing customers, and the whole activities contained in individual value chain, from the perspectives of communication efficiency, targeted customer’s accuracy and information timeliness, etc., have been revolutionized under the signboard of digitalization. Of these activities, marketing one is a crucial link of value creation plus delivery in traditional enterprises, so the enterprises, encountering transmutations of marketing environment catalyzed by the digital era, should roll with the punches. In essence, nevertheless, the pith of marketing has not been metamorphosed in the digital epoch, that is, demands management, building differentiated value and bedrock of sustainable trades. The inclinations of marketing vicissitude, thence, should be toward analysis of exogenous changes. Despite the fact that some pertinently exterior analyses are in the public eyes, however, the analyses are still utterly loose, so marketing strategist in the traditional industries or firms, more often than not, can not grab premier changes to make an anatomy. The paper, building on the problem, is to assist the marketing strategists in comprehending which priorities of externally-environmental changes are attention-worthy.


Value chain, value webs, traditional enterprises, digital epoch, premier changes, externally-environmental changes