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Research on Network Public Opinion Guidance Mechanism of Mainstream Media MicroBlog—Take CCTV News as an example

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2021.059


Qing-nian WANG,Yan-fei ZENG, Xin-yi HE and Li WU

Corresponding Author

Qing-nian WANG


In major public health emergencies such as COVID-19, the response and guidance of public opinion by the government and the media is the top priority in the fight against COVID-19. "CCTV News" actively uses new platforms and new technologies to innovate communication methods in its reporting on the fight against COVID-19, and transmits accurate information to the public promptly and blocks the spread of false information through the Chinese biggest microblog--Sina Weibo. It demonstrates that the public service value and public opinion guidance ability of mainstream media. Taking "CCTV News" Sina Weibo as an example, this paper explores the public opinion guidance mechanism and effect of its Sina Weibo from two aspects of content and form through content analysis, and further discusses how mainstream media can do a good job of public opinion guidance in the era of social media, which can provide a reference for future media. The study found that "CCTV News" Sina Weibo won the battle of public opinion on the epidemic by releasing authoritative news in the content and closely adhering to users' media usage habits in form. Therefore, when the media needs to deal with major emergencies, they should release real information in time to be close to the perspective of the masses and be people-oriented.


Public Opinion Guide, Mainstream Media, MicroBlog, COVID-19