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Virtual Power Plant Scheduling Strategy Considering Clean Energy Consumption

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2021.056


Yin-han ZHANG, Yan-tao WANG and Yi-nan HOU

Corresponding Author

Yan-tao WANG


As a form of efficient utilization of large-scale new energy power, virtual power plant plays an important role in flexible peak shaving and improving China's power market system. The allocation optimization of various resources in virtual power plant is an important premise for virtual power plant to participate in system dispatching. Under the complex situation of uncontrollable clean energy operation caused by the gradual increase of the capacity of renewable energy power generation connected to the power grid, the problem of how to optimize the internal resource allocation and realize active response of virtual power plant needs to be solved urgently. Therefore, a virtual power plant scheduling strategy based on the highest consumption of clean energy is proposed. Firstly, the schedulable resources of virtual power plant are modeled from the perspective of flexibility. Secondly, it expounds the cost of clean energy consumption. Finally, with the goal of minimizing the consumption cost of clean energy, a scheduling model is built to optimize the allocation of all kinds of resources that can be dispatched in the virtual power plant. The model can provide a theoretical basis for the active response of virtual power plant.


Virtual Power Plant, Renewable Energy Sources, Given The Cost, Scheduling Strategy