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On the Planning of “Food” Landscape in Rural Revitalization

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2021.053


Jie ZHAO, Ye WANG and Xuan WAN

Corresponding Author



With the steady and rapid development of new urbanization, urban-rural integration and rural revitalization, agricultural production, especially the land for food production, has increasingly become an important element in national land and space planning. Compared with the internationally used food concept, China's food concept has special historical and practical significance. Its planting area is huge, and it is inseparable from the security of the country and social development. But as a special landscape, its theoretical research and planning practice are relatively lacking at present. Based on the above-mentioned reasons, this article makes a preliminary analysis of the feasibility of special agricultural crops such as “food” as objects of landscape planning. First, clarify the definition and classification of the concept of food in China's agricultural economy, so as to establish the research scope of this article. Through its important role in different aspects of Chinese history and current social and economic development, the importance of landscape planning is proposed. Finally, through a comprehensive analysis of China’s geography, climate, policies, etc., the idea of establishing a two-level plan of National Park and Urban Park for food is proposed. At the end of the article, the preliminary conceptual planning of Urban Park is discussed with reference to classic European case.


Food, Liangshi, Rural Vitalization, Landscape Planning