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Challenge—Research on Obstructive Stress, Self-Efficacy and Employee Creativity

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2021.052


Ling QIU, Lin-jie FENG and Xiao-qian ZUO

Corresponding Author

Ling QIU


Creativity helps to improve employee performance and enterprise core competitiveness. Therefore, under the prevailing work pressure, finding ways to improve employee creativity is crucial for enterprise development. Scholars have extensively discussed the relationship between work stress and employee creativity. The nature of work pressure itself -- challenge and hindrance can affect employees' work attitude and behavior through affecting their intrinsic motivation and thinking mode. Based on stress classification perspective, the paper discusses the challenge - not pressure influence on employees' creativity, through the regression analysis of 390 valid questionnaire data challenge - obstructive pressure effects on employees' creativity mechanism, as well as the mediating role of self-efficacy and competent to support the regulation of feeling and sense of supervisor support adjustment. Based on the two-dimensional structure of stress, this paper explores the influence mechanism of challenging stress and obstructive stress on employee creativity, focusing on the mediating role of creative self-efficacy and the moderating role of supervisor support. The results show that challenging stress has a significant positive impact on employee creativity, while hindering stress has a significant negative impact on employee creativity. Self-efficacy was a complete mediator between challenge-obstructive stress and employee creativity. Supervisor support weakens the effect of challenge-obstructive stress on self-efficacy. This paper discusses the theoretical contribution and practical value of this study, aiming to explore a new perspective of enterprise stress management and provide reference for enterprises to improve employee creativity.


Challenges-Obstructive Stress, Self-Efficacy, Employee Creativity