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Innovative Research on She Nationality Display and Design of Virtual Clothing Press Conference

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2021.050


Qi MIN and Xiao-han LEI

Corresponding Author



At present, the research on virtual display in the inheritance and innovation of national costume culture is not comprehensive, and there are few actual successful application cases.She nationality is a small ethnic minority in eastern China, and its clothing culture has a history of thousands of years.Based on virtual clothing display design technology, the modern virtual display innovation in she dress culture, using Marvelous Designer 9 to complete she dress innovation style, and she dress color and pattern traditional elements skillfully applied in virtual clothing cloth, combined with C4D stage design, finally present the whole virtual national dress conference display design.The display design of She nationality simulates the effect of She nationality clothing, which is not only a design innovation of traditional clothing, but also a breakthrough of traditional design and display mode, enhancing people's love and ethnic confidence in ethnic minority culture.


She Nationality, Virtual, Innovation, Clothing