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Realm and Reality: Discussion on University Teachers' Morality Cultivation

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2021.043


Lei ZHANG and Ji-tian WANG

Corresponding Author

Ji-tian WANG


university teachers are not only knowledge-owner, but also should be teachers' moral virtues owner. The moral virtues of university teachers refers to the teachers who are engaged in teaching and research in the higher education stage, which is a kind of acquired inner spiritual quality which is formed in the process of work. The cultivation of teachers' moral virtues is the cornerstone of establishing high moral values and cultivating students for university teachers, which should not only regulate their behavior through the external system, but also make them self-introspection through guidance. At the same time, colleges and universities should perfect the mechanism of college teachers' ethical dilemma aid, and create a healthy ethical culture environment for the cultivation of teachers' morality.


University Teachers, Teacher Moral Virtue, Cultivating Virtues