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Research on the Moral Status of Female College Students in Micro-culture

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2021.042


Shuang SAI

Corresponding Author

Shuang SAI


Female college students are not only a new type of high-quality talents in our country, but also shoulder the important task of educating the future generation of our country. Their moral research has urgent and important practical significance. With the influence of micro-culture, the mainstream of female college students' morality is positive, but there are also some potential crises that cannot be ignored. Establish a full range of moral theory education for female college students with micro-class teaching. Establish pervasive moral education with campus micro-culture as the carrier. Establish an open moral practice education with micro-culture as an intermediary. Advocate the "value rationality" of mainstream ideology, and reduce the distance between subject and object culture. Realizing the "perceptualization" and "lifestyle" of mainstream ideology, and breaking through the traditional education model. Accelerate the "digitalization" of mainstream ideology and change the discourse expression of mainstream ideology. To prevent crises, moral education with female characteristics should be carried out pertinently.


Moral Status, Micro-culture, Female College Students, Education