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Study on Optimization Strategy of Examination Management Process of Vocational Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2021.040


Hong-li ZHAO and Chao CUI

Corresponding Author

Hong-li ZHAO


In view of the problems of examination management in higher vocational colleges: aging serious, lack of experience, the system service level lags behind, the test environment is not perfect, imperfect management system, according to the theory of business process optimization, education measurement theory and the humanistic curriculum theory, we clear and definite the college exam attribute and design examination mode scientificly, we set up corresponding examination system, The curriculum examination system has been perfected and the management level of curriculum examination has been improved. Explore comprehensive evaluation mode, including process evaluation, final examination, application level and evaluation method of students' knowledge and ability. Adopt information method, simplify management process, improve efficiency, reduce error.


Examination mode, Process optimization, Vocational education, Examination administration measures