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Research on Experimental Course Reform of On-line Circuit fault Identification

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2021.034


Yi LIU and Xiang-jun WANG

Corresponding Author

Xiang-jun WANG


Electrical and electronic technology courses cultivate students' basic knowledge and skills in electrical engineering, and improve students' thinking ability, practical ability, communication and collaboration ability. The requirements for students' experimental hands-on ability are extremely high, to meet the needs of students in the current post. The purpose of circuit fault identification experiment is to train students' ability of circuit fault location and type finding and circuit fault solving. This kind of experiment is usually carried out for students through fixed faults. The fault point and fault type are fixed, which is difficult to change and has poor practicability. Using a remote on-line practice platform based on ELF-BOX, the operation is similar to virtual simulation, and flexible settings can be realized. In fact, the actual components are operated. It can well solve the problems encountered in the current circuit fault identification experiment and improve the experimental effect and thinking ability of students.


Circuit Fault Identification, On-line Experiment Platform, Planning Measurement