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Research and Improvement Measures on the Mechanism of Transfer and Transformation of Teaching Knowledge based on SECI Model

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2021.033


Jing ZHANG, Guo-dong XIANG and Mian-hao ZHANG

Corresponding Author

Mian-hao ZHANG


Under the background of industrial upgrading, practical training teaching, as the cultivation path of students' skills improvement, is an important link in the transferring of skilled person needed by the society in secondary vocational colleges, which determines the matching degree of skilled talents and jobs. To a certain extent, the teaching effect of practical training determines the "credibility, availability and invasiveness" of the cultivated talents in the actual work. Based on the theoretical model of knowledge transformation SECI put forward by Nonaka and Takeuchi, this paper analyzes the mechanism of the transfer and transformation of the knowledge of practical training in secondary vocational training, which is divided into the transmission, transformation, combination and innovation of explicit knowledge. This paper analyzes the transmission and transformation of hidden knowledge from the macro, middle and micro levels of vocational training teaching. Based on its model connotation and transformation mechanism, the paper puts forward three key measures to develop teacher learning community, school-enterprise cooperative industrial college, and set up curriculum process evaluation to promote the transformation rate of the transfer and transformation of practical training teaching knowledge, and to effectively strengthen the effectiveness of practical training teaching and the matching between the training of talents and social needs, with a view to helping the research of practical training teaching.


Knowledge Transformation, Practical Teaching, Implicit Knowledge, Mechanism Analysis, SECI Model