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Practice of Discussion Method in Teaching under the New Curriculum

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2021.032


Jian-yang HOU, Ke-lei DONG and Jian MAO

Corresponding Author

Jian MAO


Discussion method is an indispensable part of many teaching methods. It plays an important role in the teaching process. It meets the new requirements of class teaching under the background of the new curriculum. It practices student-centered teaching philosophy, fully mobilizes the initiative and enthusiasm of students in learning, aims to cultivate students' creative thinking and divergent thinking, exercises students' ability of independent thinking, improves students awareness of cooperation and communication. Its essence is students' conscious thinking exploration activities under the careful preparation and guidance of teachers. The application of discussion method in the school has very high value. This article will discuss the application of discussion method in class briefly. The paper is divided into six parts. The first part is the analysis and realization of the new teaching ideas and requirements under the new curriculum, and expounds the necessity of practicing the discussion method in teaching. The second part mainly analyzes the research of several common teaching methods. By comparing the application effect of various teaching methods in class teaching, it is concluded that the effect of discussion method in class teaching is higher than that of lecturing method. The third part is to summarize and sort out the advantages of discussion method, and further determine the necessity of the application of discussion method in class teaching. The fourth part is the analysis of the relevant theoretical basis of practicing discussion method in class teaching, mainly including Dewey's teaching democratization and discussion method, learning by doing, Vygotsky's Zone of Proximal Development and Mercer's teaching thought and method of discussion. From above, teaching should be critical and constructive, so as to establish a relationship with discussion method. The fifth part is the introduction of the basic mode of discussion method. The last part is an analysis of the necessary conditions for practicing discussion method.


Discussion Method, New Curriculum, Class