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Space and Temporal Analysis of Social Economic Vulnerability in Guizhou Province

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2021.030


Qian FENG, You-yi FU, Min LIU and Jing HAO

Corresponding Author



China is a country with multi-disaster risk, with large disaster risks and hidden dangers, and disaster resistance is different across the country.In order to find out the basic number of national disaster risks and hidden dangers, and objectively understand the comprehensive disaster risk level in the country and various regions, relevant departments issued a notice on the General Plan of the National Comprehensive Disaster Risk Survey in December 2019. Guizhou Province has formed the implementation plan of the provincial comprehensive disaster risk survey to actively implement the relevant national regulations and requirements.According to the implementation, the time and spatial location information assessment, analyze the vulnerability characteristics, not only provides disaster risk information and decision basis for the social and economic sustainable development, but also the important vulnerability evaluation methods of the upcoming population, housing, resources and environment and the comprehensive information of risk factors.


Disaster-Bearing Body, Vulnerability, Social Economy, GIS