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Construction and Application of the Attraction Model of Secondary Vocational Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2021.028


Qin-xin ZHENG, Xiao-jin ZHANG and Mian-hao ZHANG

Corresponding Author

Mian-hao ZHANG


Between 2018 and 2019, the proportion of secondary vocational school students accounted for less than 40% of high school students for two consecutive years, and secondary vocational schools are facing an enrollment decline. which is generally quite uncertain.As an important basis of the modern vocational education system of secondary vocational education, it has become urgent to improve its attraction to solve the dilemma of its source of students. Based on the dual orientation of secondary vocational enrollment and employment, this paper constructs the secondary vocational attraction model from the perspective of economics. And in view of the attractive model of personal income elements ,the current landslide phenomenon of secondary vocational enrollment is analyzed. Thus, the following intervention policies are put forward to improve the personal income of secondary vocational students: broadening the development space of secondary vocational students, enhancing self-identity, self-identity and corporate identity, improving the value of certificates, building a high-quality modern vocational education system, creating"campus culture" and playing the role of policy regulation.Entering not to entering the secondary vocational school is after the high school entrance examination, some students and parents will face and think about the problem.In the choice between "entering" and "not to entering", a key problem is the attraction of secondary vocational education.the National Education Development Statistics Bulletin and the official website of the National Bureau of Statistics can show that the general employment ratio has been basically maintained between 5.8:4.2-5.9:4.1 in the past five years, and the "general vocational ratio" is still an ideal concept. .Vocational education with type attributes needs the stability of its scale and quality at each level, and secondary vocational education serves as an important basis for the technical and skilled talent training overpass.Improve its attraction and solve its student source dilemma has become the primary priority.


Attraction Model, Secondary Vocational Education, Personal Benefits, Intervention Strategies