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Problem Analysis and Construction Path of Professional Textbooks in Vocational Colleges under 1+X Certificate System

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2021.027


Xiao-jin ZHANG, Qin-xin ZHENG and Mian-hao ZHANG

Corresponding Author

Mian-hao ZHANG


As the basic content of the three education reform, the textbook is an important guarantee to improve the training quality of qualified students in vocational colleges, a key carrier to implement the connection between 1+X certificate system and classroom teaching, and an urgent need to realize the integration of professional curriculum teaching and vocational skills. The main dilemma of the current 1+X certificate system lies in the lack of effective integration between academic certificates and vocational skill level certificates, and the construction of professional textbooks of vocational education is an important carrier to realize the integration of "1" and "X". After analyzing the problems of professional textbooks in vocational colleges, this paper explores the construction path of professional textbooks from the four aspects of textbooks positioning, content, form and evaluation, so as to ensure the development and vitality of vocational education textbooks.


1+X Certificate System, Vocational Education, Textbook Construction