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An Analysis of "International Economics" "Mirror" Teaching Method Based on Marxist Economics

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2021.026


Yu-hua YANG and Dong-dong WENG

Corresponding Author

Dong-dong WENG


"International Economics" textbooks generally did not get rid of the influence of Western economics theories, inevitably hit Western ideology. Marxist economics "mirror" teaching method is to use the basic principles, positions and methods of Marxist economics, and construct the teaching content corresponding to Western international economics. As a comparison, the teaching background of the judgment, let students identify, compare , Analysis, evaluation of learning theoretical knowledge, training problem awareness and pursuit of truth, filtering and shielding the ideology of Western economics, cultivating the learning and critical capacity of Western economic theory, and deepening the understanding of international economic relations, improving teaching innovation Sex, challenging, thus improving teaching quality and level.


Mirror, Teaching Method, Marx Economics