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Analysis on the Strategies of Cultivating College Students' Autonomous Learning Ability from the Perspective of Selective Learning

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2021.025


Xue-zhen LIU, Du ZHANG and Yong-jian HUANG

Corresponding Author

Yong-jian HUANG


The book "LEARNING TO BE:The World of Education Today and Tomorrow" clearly puts forward a core concept:lifelong education,and to maintain life-long learning requires us to have a high independent learning ability.In recent years, both the reform of higher education and the construction of the core literacy system attach great importance to the autonomous learning ability of college students.This article clarifies the connotation of college students' autonomous learning ability, deeply explores the factors that affect college students' autonomous learning ability and the internal integration mechanism between selective learning and autonomous learning, and conducts in-depth research on how to cultivate college students' autonomous learning based on the perspective of selective learning .It is expected to be beneficial to the front-line teachers in China's colleges and universities in cultivating and improving the autonomous learning ability of college students.


Selective Learning, College Students, Autonomous Learning Ability