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Thoughts on The Enactment of Laws and Regulations on Administrative Sanction of Military Public Officials

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2021.018


Wen-qiong FANG, Liang HU and Yang-yang YU

Corresponding Author

Wen-qiong FAN


The formulation of the Law on Government Punishment of Public Officials is a major event in the history of building the rule of law construction in China, which is of great significance to strengthening the management and supervision of public officials and building a loyal, clean and responsible contingent of public officials.According to the authorization of the Law, the military shall formulate corresponding laws and regulations to regulate the government punishment of military public officials.The legislative basis is the Administrative Punishment Law and other relevant laws; the scope of military public officials includes active officers, civil cadres, civilian personnel, some non-commissioned officers and other military duties; the application of military administration and military disciplinary regulations shall grasp the principles of military characteristics, strict leniency, strict military law, government administration and disciplinary coordination, and wartime amnesty.


Military Public Officials, Administrative Sanction, Regulations