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Research on STEAM Mode of Training Innovative Talents

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2021.017


Hong-xia WU and Chao CUI

Corresponding Author

Hong-xia WU


In order to cultivate innovative talents with market competitiveness, college education concept and evaluation system need reform and innovation. According to STEAM multi-disciplinary comprehensive quality education theory, this paper analyzes the connotation and main characteristics of innovative talents, studies the existing problems of innovative talents training, evaluation indexes and training methods of innovative talents, and puts forward measures and methods for constructing innovative talents training mode. Through school-enterprise cooperation, project construction and improvement of innovation training system, curriculum system and training center will be constructed to improve innovation guidance service system. The theoretical and practical basis required for cultivating innovative talents improves the quality and level of talent cultivation, and is conducive to innovative talents' multi-disciplinary knowledge reserve, application of knowledge and skills, solving social problems and realizing technological innovation.


STEM Education, Innovative Talent, Market Application, Talent Training Model