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The Article Study Value of Chinese Traditional Recitation Method—Also Discussing the Uniqueness of Li Jinxi's "Reading Viewpoint" in Writing Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2021.015


Zheng-sheng CUI

Corresponding Author

Zheng-sheng CUI


"Recitation " is not only an important method of Chinese reading, but also plays an important role in the teaching of article writing. It is Liu Dakui of Tongcheng School in Qing Dynasty who really linked reading with writing to study, and revealef the article study value. However, he talked about "nourishing the vital energy" from the angle of language form, but did not talk thoroughly about the article study value of reading.To sum up, the article study value of reading mainly lies in the cultivation of language sense and the application of style techniques. During the May Fourth Movement, people began to reflect deeply on traditional teaching, and the recitation method was repeatedly criticized, and its position in Chinese teaching was in jeopardy. Ye Shengtao, Xia Mianzun and other Chinese educators explicitly advocate recitation in writing teaching.Among them, Li jinxi combined "recitation" with speaking and writing to build a teaching system that is mutually connected and promoted. His unique and insightful view of recitation viewpoint in writing teaching has brought a lot of inspiration to today's writing teaching.


Reading Method, Liu Dakui, Article Study's Value, Writing Teaching, Li Jinxi