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Discussion on the Development of Ideological and Political Education in the Professional Course of Weapons and Equipments

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2021.007


Qing SUN, Yong SUN, Yan-hong Lin and Juan BAI

Corresponding Author

Qing SUN


Curriculum ideological and political is a new requirement of the Party Central Committee to strengthen ideological and political work in colleges and universities under the background of the new era, and it is a political promotion of curriculum moral education. It can not only make various courses and ideological and political theory courses form a synergistic effect, go in the same direction, and jointly do a good job of ideological and political education in colleges and universities, but also improve the teaching effect of professional courses. Taking the teaching of weapons and equipment professional courses in military academies as an example, this article explores how to dig deeper into professional courses through the questions of introducing ideological and political education into professional courses, using red education resources, and grasping the relationship between ideological and political education and professional curriculum education. The discuss has certain reference value for the development bureau that effectively integrates ideological and political education into the classroom teaching of weapons and equipment, inspires students' wisdom, cultivates students' rational thinking, and promotes professional core literacy.


Curriculum Ideological and Political, Ideological and Political Education, Professional Course Teaching, Military Academies