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Construction and Exploration of the Guidance-Learning Model of Graduate Course for Subject Teaching (English) Major Based on POA

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2021.004


Xin-yu ZHANG

Corresponding Author

Xin-yu ZHANG


Based on the teaching concept and teaching process of “Production-oriented Approach” proposed by Professor Wen Qiufang, this paper explores the guidance-learning model for the postgraduate course of Subject Teaching (English) major, constructs the guidance-learning model of pre-class drive, in-class facilitation and process evaluation, and puts it in practice of a specific degree course for three semesters. The research results show that the students have obtained sufficient teaching practice training in the course learning. At the same time, in the process of completing each process of guidance-learning model, students have gradually acquired preliminary teaching and research ability and basic skills, and have accumulated substantial theoretical knowledge. Both teachers and students have gained the output ability of study and teaching, as well as the potential and space for continuous improvement on comprehensive quality and the ability of integrating knowledge with practice from this guidance-learning model.


Production-oriented Approach, Subject Teaching (English) Major, Guidance-Learning model, Pre-class Drive, In-class Facilitation, Process Evaluation