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Construction and Practice of First-Class Courses for National First-Class Majors

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2021.003


Hong-mei YAN, Jun BAI and Xin-guan DAI

Corresponding Author

Hong-mei YAN


Facing the construction of national first-class majors, aiming at first-class courses, this paper adopts the hybrid teaching mode of combining online and offline to reconstruct the curriculum system of "Signals and Systems". Taking the in-depth correlation research between knowledge points and engineering applications as the main line, a "multi-dimensional collaborative" hybrid teaching system is constructed. Compress the traditional outdated content, increase the basic knowledge points necessary to adapt to the development of modern information science, the cutting-edge technology of electronic information discipline and the case teaching and curriculum ideological and political cases highlighting the principles of engineering application, so as to make the curriculum content reflect the cutting-edge and timeliness; Using the teaching tools and simulation platform of intelligence, the online and offline blended teaching mode is constructed to make the teaching advanced and interactive. The process and diversified assessment methods make the learning results inquiry and personalized. So as to organically integrate knowledge, ability and quality, and cultivate students' comprehensive ability and advanced thinking to solve complex problems.


Construction of First-Class Courses, Online and Offline Mixed Teaching Mode, Multi-dimensional Collaborative Teaching System, Signals and Systems