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Digitalization of Financial Management Drives High-quality Development of Family Farms

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2022.052


Xiaoming Yan

Corresponding Author

Xiaoming Yan


As the foundation of the modern agricultural management system, family farms play a poor role in improving internal operating efficiency, seeking policy support, establishing financial credit system evaluation, and claiming insurance compensation due to the lack of standardized financial accounting and records. The survey found that the current financial accounting of family farms mainly has four modes: "flow account", "business ledger", "enterprise agency account", and "financial service". Based on the analysis of the financial management status quo of family farms, this paper puts forward the design ideas and implementation methods of "self-service" financial management platform to address the shortage of family farm financial personnel and provide financial information basis for relevant departments to give policy support, thereby driving the high-quality development of family farms via digitalization.


Financial Accounting, Digitalization, "Self-service" Financial Platform, Family Farm, High-quality Development